To provide a comprehensive education services which assist schools who is involved with the preparation and use of learning International Assessments or who simply need to develop or refresh their knowledge of International learning assessments. Menyediakan layanan pendidikan komprehensif yang membantu sekolah-sekolah dalam mengembangkan dan penggunaan pembelajaran dan asesmen Internasional.


To provide a comprehensive education services in digital learning products and Learning management system. Menyediakan layanan pendidikan yang komprehensif dalam produk pembelajaran digital dan sistem manajemen pembelajaran


To provide a comprehensive education services in international learning resources. Menyediakan layanan pendidikan yang komprehensif dalam sumber belajar internasional.

The New Normal: What's next for education after COVID-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way the education sector operates across the world. According to The World Economic Forum, the disruption is giving educators time to rethink and in a world where knowledge is a mouse-click away, the role of the educator must change too.

Ways That LMS Can Benefit Your Organization


Access to numerous e-learning materials


Reduces the burden on the administrative staff


All-time availability (anytime from anywhere)

teaching skills - 21st century educators

Teacher for learning

An understanding of how students learn and how to design effective learning activities and experiences.


A producer and consumer of appropriate educational resources through sharing and development.


Fluency using learning technology in educationally effective ways.


Sharing and enhaching one's own educational approaches through collaborations whitin, across and between diciplines.


An awareness and appreciation of effective, researh-based, discipline appropriate pedagogical approaches.


An openness to try, reflect and learn from new approaches, pedagogy and technologies to support student learning.

Providing the best education services

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